LANIDOR Ladies Fashion opened its doors on Eyre Street only 9 months ago, and we were looking forward to our inaugural experience of the buzz and glamour surrounding the Galway Races.  When we spotted the Galway Races Shop Window Competition, we were delighted to get involved and contribute something to the thrill of race week.  As we discussed ideas for the shop window the anticipation built.  We chatted to family and friends and roped them in to providing props.  The task of putting it all together was great fun and got everyone involved.   We really enjoyed the challenge and hoped that it would add some excitement for our customers in the build up to the Galway Races.  On Monday 23rd of July it was announced on Galway Bay FM; LANIDOR Ladies Fashion …..Winner Alright!   We WON!!!   We were so thrilled and delighted.  Our prize is a VIP day at the races on Monday, 30th July for the Lanidor team.  We are busy now planning what to wear!

We would like to thank everyone who helped us pull it all together, especially CKB Millinery for the impressive hats.  Thanks to Galway Races, Galway Chamber and Galway Bay FM for the fabulous prize.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the LANIDOR ladies at the races on Monday 30th July, “Gather Your Tribe” and get your photo taken with us if you spot us on the day.

P.S. LANIDOR Ladies Fashion on Eyre Street will be closed early on Monday, 30th July.