Return of the Flare

Great news for all of you who are over the skinny jeans style that has dominated the fashion trends for the last decade. But love them or hate them, the wide leg pants reign supreme this season. Yes! you read that right. The voluminous wide leg pants have swirled their way back onto the catwalks, into magazines and onto our style hangers everywhere.

This style is reminescent of the ’70s, with the hippies free style coming to mind. However, this colourful fun trend is making a more stylish comeback and can be seen in workwear, evening and casual wear. It may be a bit daunting to think of wearing a wide leg pants with all that extra fabric. However, if you get this trend right, it can be flattering and fun for all shapes and sizes. it will lengthen the leg and enhance the waistline to create a stunning silhouette.

How to Wear the Flare

Tread Lightly: If you wish to embark on this trend but feel a little cautious, why not test the water with a neutral shade in tan, grey, cream or chocolate with a slightly narrower leg. These check wide-leg pants are ideal for workwear, you can pair them with a crisp white or pink blouse, to pick up the hint of colour in the check, the leg is not as wide as the palazzo pants, but is a good introduction to rekindle our love of the wide leg pants. Check wide leg pants €95.99, you can create an impeccable workwear look when you team these with our check blazer

Back to Black

The black wide like pants is a great investment. It is universally liked and flattering for all body types and offers great seasonal versatility. It can be worn with a chunky knit, a tucked in t-shirt or blouse, or simply go monochromatic with a black top. We love black pants for their slimming effect, and ability to easily transition from work to play. How fabulous are these Cropped wide leg trousers with concealed zip fastening at the side. €76.99
More tips next time on how to make a style statement with your flares.